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RE: [dvd-discuss] Copyright ranges

In article <NGBBJDGHJKIFKCHIOJLLKEACCOAA.gross@xinetd.ath.cx>,
Glendon M. Gross <URL:mailto:gross@xinetd.ath.cx> wrote:
> No doubt your intellectual property is growing by leaps and bounds.  :)

That's the idea. By the way, please don't plagiarise my work:


> Do you need a means to ensure that the output of the script is not already
> copyrighted by someone else?

That would be nice, if it was possible. I'd gladly exclude existing
works and "just" own the remaining trillions.

> (Can you imagine how much paperwork would be generated if each and every
> time the script was run,
> it submitted an online query to the U.S. Copyright office?)

As far as I have understood it, there is no requirement for registering
works, so it might get false negatives. Still, if it was possible, they
would probably consider it a criminal DoS attack. There really should be
an exception, allowing copyright holders like me, to flood them while
searching for my intellectual property. Oh, wait...

> For example, the old concept was that eventually the digital "monkeys"
> would type out the complete works of Shakespeare.  In that unlikely
> event, would those works cease to belong to the public domain?  :)

It is conceivable that Google (yes, them again), could output a result page
matching an existing work (but in their own visual style of course).
So the question still stands - have they really got copyright on every
single permutation of output? I wouldn't think so, but that's what they

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