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RE: [dvd-discuss] Copyright ranges

In article <E06ADA0073926048AD304115DD8AB6BC01239726@mail.onetouch.com>,
Richard Hartman <URL:mailto:hartman@onetouch.com> wrote:
> [snip]
> > So the output "inherits" the rights attached to the input, if 
> > the process
> > can be viewed as a conversion? Interesting.
> All theory mind you, my own view of what _should_ be, not
> necessarily what _is_.

I see. A simple rule like that would certainly make it easier to determine
what rights you hold.

> [snip]
> I do not see how the output of a search engine could
> possibly qualify as "artistic expression".  Those programs
> that spew out poetry and music might have an argument,
> but a search engine?  It's like copyrighting your shopping
> list (which is, unfortunately, possible IIRC ...)

As a few people have noted, they might mean the page style etc., basically
everything except the results.

But if I copied their results only, and served them up in a style I had
created, I'm pretty sure they would still view that as some kind of

> > I am fascinated by the idea that you can publish and 
> > copyright billions
> > of permutations of output, just by writing a script. I have 
> > already got
> > a suitable script that demonstrates the stupidity of that, 
> > but I need more
> > information about the laws to perfect it.
> I would be interested in seeing that script.  What have
> you called it?  "MillionMonkeys.pl" perhaps ?
> ;-)

That's an apt name, but this one is called "poems", since that is what
it retrieves. I have tried to make it very similar to how Google works.
So if they really have copyright on their results, then I have too.

By requesting any of these poems, you hereby waive the right to attempt
reverse engineering the script that retrieves them. Please press your nose
against the screen here--> [I accept] before proceeding.

Here are some examples of the poems I've made, I hope you like them:


Feel free to try other filenames... who knows, you might find another of
my poems! Just remember that they are all copyrighted. :-)


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