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RE: [dvd-discuss] Copyright ranges

In article <E06ADA0073926048AD304115DD8AB6BC0123972D@mail.onetouch.com>,
Richard Hartman <URL:mailto:hartman@onetouch.com> wrote:
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> > > I do not see how the output of a search engine could
> > > possibly qualify as "artistic expression".
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> > 
> > But if I copied their results only, and served them up in a 
> > style I had
> > created, I'm pretty sure they would still view that as some kind of
> > infringement.
> I would suggest something along the lines of "theft
> of services".  Stealing someone elses work and presenting 
> it as your own.
> After all, the search engine itself _is_ 
> something they created, and they can control how it is used.

They have the right to ban anyone they want (and they do), if they don't
like what I'm doing. I can then go through proxies, which they can then ban,
etc. etc. until one of us gives up.

Google is probably a poor example, since most of their decisions have been
sensible IMO. Their TOS does not mention their alledged rights, only that
notice at the bottom of the pages.

So I have visited AltaVista against my better judgement, and they have the

"The Services are protected by U.S. and international copyright, patent,
trademarks laws and other intellectual property laws - for more information
about this, please click here."

"You may make a single copy of the individual screens you see when you use
the Services, but only for your personal use. You cannot distribute or
transfer the copies to others in exchange for money or other consideration.
You may not - and agree not to - modify, reformat, copy, display,
distribute, transmit, publish, license, create derivative  works from,
transfer or sell any information, products or services obtained from the 
Services, except as set forth below. This means that you may not mirror the
home page or results pages of the Site or any AltaVista Site on your own Web
site or Web page."

This is much more like the nonsense I've come to expect. They quite clearly
think they own every right known to man, also on the results.

The only question is - are they correct?

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