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Re: [dvd-discuss] [openlaw] Government takes moreextremelineinsecond "Eldred" case

On Thursday 10 January 2002 06:40 pm, you wrote:
> Look at
> http://www.musichelponline.com/legal/
> Shrinkwrap CDs. You agree ONLY to play our CD in your computer using OUR
> player.....and what happens if I happen to not have autorun enabled?
> What a bunch of MORON!
> "John Zulauf" <johnzu@ia.nsc.com>
> Sent by: owner-dvd-discuss@eon.law.harvard.edu
> 01/10/02 09:12 AM
> Please respond to dvd-discuss

After reading that I must de-lurk for a bit....

I suppose since my computer only has Linux installed I can't play their CD 
What  about  any OS but Windows(tm)? Oh how silly of me ALL computers run 
Windows(tm) I may have to blow $20.00 on one of these, I can always return it.

I have to agree about the MORON part I don't think this will last long. Just 
announce it on Slashdot with the name of the CD and have 50,000 geeks go buy 
one and then return it saying they run an OS that is not supported. That 
should cost them a few $. I'll give the CD a week before it's available in 
MP3 format on the net. (if it's worth listening to) One more thing I just 
thought of what happens in 2 years when Microsoft changes something in their 
OS that breaks the built-in player. How many people keep receipts that long 
for CDs? What if the retailer has gone out of business? What happens when the 
copyright runs out will my great grand children be able to get a new copy?

I had better shut-up now before the "Black Helicopters" (tm) find me.

Ronald (getting more parinoid every day)