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Re: [dvd-discuss] The 2nd Front

Bryan Taylor <bryan_w_taylor@yahoo.com> wrote:
>In order for changes to the law to become law, a bill would have to be
>introduced. This bill would have to make it out of committee in order to be
>voted on by the full House or Senate. The committee chairs can easily block
>this from happening. The particular committe chairs, I believe, are Coble in
>the House and Feinstein in the Senate, who both have the attitude that
>"Copyright owners haven't complained about the bill, so it must be great for
>America". Both are bigtime MPAA campaign contribution recipients.

We are all copyright owners.  Almost everything we write has either an
implicit or explicit copyright.  Perhaps we need to make sure we
mention this whenever communicating to our representatives on
copyright related issues.

"As the owner of thousdands of copyrighted works, I think the
DMCA should be dropped kicked off the planet."  Or words to
that effect.

>The upshot of all of this is that efforts to change the law have to include
>efforts to influence or remove particular individuals in Congress who hold
>entrenched viewpoints on the subject.

Jim Bauer, jfbauer@home.com