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Re: [dvd-discuss] Dmitry Sklyarov freed

Shrewd yes....especially since if he was an American citizen he could be 
compelled to testify even as a hostile witness. Not being a citizen this 
gives them leverage. OTOH it stinks because it's also a tacit admission of 

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Seth David Schoen writes:
 > Planet PDF and AP are reporting (Planet PDF has a complete press
 > release) that the charges against Dmitry Sklyarov have been dropped
 > and he will be allowed to return home to Russia.

Charges against Elcomsoft have not been dropped (and a condition on
the deal for Dmitry was that he testify at the trial of the company).

Shrewd move for the prosecution; they get to establish the precedent
they were after without giving DMCA opponents a poster boy...