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Re: [dvd-discuss] Interesting Spam v Free Speech Case

At 6:36 AM -0800 12/12/01, Bryan Taylor wrote:
>This may be of interest to the crowd here because it is another free speech on
>the internet case: Intel v. Hamidi

There were some posts a while back about publishers planing to 
examine user's hard disks via the internet to look for illegal 
copies. This ruling should give them pause.

Also, are there any labor lawyers out there? I wonder how this case 
would come out if Hamidi attempted to organize a union of Intel 
employees. His Web site http://www.faceintel.com come pretty close to 
doing that. I seem to remember that there are fairly strict rules 
about an employer's ability to block organizing material from being 
distributed if he lets other material in without prior approval.

Arnold Reinhold