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[dvd-discuss] Trade Secrets...hypotheticals

A few hypotheticals on trade secrets....

Let's look at Coke Cola...been around for over a century. I can buy 
a can of coke in any supermarket and a cup at almost any 
restaurant. I can walk up to a vending machine and buy it. I can 
take my Coke into a lab and get a gas chromatagraph of its 
content. I can figure out how much sugar and what type. I can 
figure out how much carmel. I find it hard to believe that I can't 
figure out the whole formula from any bottle or can I buy on the 
street (Now show me where on the vending machine it says I can't 
Reverse Engineer the stuff....OK....in Coke's interest maybe they 
should create the tylenol shrinkwrap...you agree that if your pop 
the top and RE our product you must drink the cyanide laced one 
we send to you...)...TOTALLY REed from what I got out of a 
vending machine in the street. Is that illegal now if I tell the world 
"Coke is made this way"? 

Take Pepsi
Take Ginos Pizza of Chicago.
Take the Colonel's recipe.

So what's so special about a DVD?