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Re: [dvd-discuss] The power of a click

Richard Hartman writes:

: Moreover, although a single click is enough to _launch_
: DeCSS, I doubt that the operator interaction ends there.
: (Admittedly, I have never run DeCSS ... but I assume there
: are parameters to tweak & at least a field for an output 
: filename to be filled out, plus another click on a "go" 
: button ...)

Is it true that DeCSS can be launched with  a single click.
Is there a DeCSS icon?  Was there a DeCSS icon for the
program that 2600 published on its web site?

The claim by the 2d Circuit that there is such an ability and
such an icon is not consistent with the facts (including the
facts as found by Judge Kaplan).  It also appears to be essential
to the panel's holding.

That seems to me to be a pretty good basis for seeking a rehearing.

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