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RE: [dvd-discuss] Would this consistute circumvention.

Addenda to marginally off topic post - Check out their FREE Adsubtract 
too. Stops cookies and ads. If you want the PRO version, wait until they 
bundle the two together at a discount. It's worth it. I don't know about 
AOL but on Earthlink it's a handy thing to have. During the peaks of the 
code red, I could see I was getting lots of scans for successive ports 
from the same computer. If you are using DSL or cable, it's mandatory.....

Now this is a wierd thought, assume that Norton, McAfee or whomever 
decided to target spyware. Suppose they put a feature into the OS that 
when you open your CD, Norton scans the cd for spyware or other not so 
nice things and disables it. CIRCUMVENTION of the access control?

Richard Hartman <hartman@onetouch.com>
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> From: Michael A Rolenz [mailto:Michael.A.Rolenz@aero.org]
> I wouldn't put it past them to try to put spyware. If it's 
> illegal for 
> someone to write melissa and send it out, then the RIAA 
> should bear the 
> full penalties of the law too should they do something like 
> that. With the 
> pretense of shrinkwrap licensing getting removed, it's likely 
> they won't 
> even be able to use that as a defense.

Marginally off-topic ...

For those concerned about SpyWare, ZoneLabs (www.zonelabs.com)
offers ZoneAlarm, a personal firewall that not only blocks
unwanted incomming connections, but lets you know when something
is trying to connect _out_ of your computer.  Even better,
although there is a commercial "Pro" version of ZoneAlarm
there is a free version that does at least that much for you.


Now you can cut off all spyware at the source.

(btw: even if you use a dial-in ISP, like AOL, a personal
firewall is a good idea ...)

-Richard M. Hartman

186,000 mi./sec ... not just a good idea, it's the LAW!