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[dvd-announce] Comments to the Copyright Office on 1201

Over on the dvd-discuss list, we have been discussing a reply comment to 
the Copyright Office in its rulemaking on the anticircumvention provision 
of the DMCA -- section 1201(a)(1).  We propose that all classes of works be 
exempted from the anticircumvention of access controls, where the access is 
to make a non-infringing use of the work.  We specifically criticize the 
comments submitted earlier by the MPAA, Time Warner, and Sony.

The comment is online at 

The comment will come from Copyright's Commons, rather than trying to speak 
for Openlaw, but we'd love to hear comments from you on how to strengthen 
it.  It's due at 5 tomorrow evening.  (More information on the rulemaking 
is at <http://www.loc.gov/copyright/1201/anticirc.html> ).

Please email me or Bryan Taylor <bryan_w_taylor@yahoo.com> with suggestions.

Wendy Seltzer
Fellow, Berkman Center  for Internet & Society
Openlaw - DVD: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/openlaw/DVD