Table 8.1

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Table 8.1: Results for "Barbie"-Google versus Overture and Yahoo!



Yahoo! (Mattel's site)

Barbie at

Barbie Collector: Official Mattel Web site for hobbyists and collectors

Toys and Leisure at QVC-Barbie

Barbie Bazaar Magazine A Body Image for Every Body (site created by women critical of Barbie's projected body image)

Barbie on Sale at KBToys

Barbie Collector

Barbie Bazaar Magazine (Barbie collectible news and Information) Barbies


If You Were a Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?

Barbie: Best prices and selection (

Visible Barbie Project (macabre images of Barbie sliced as though in a science project)

Barbies, New and Preowned at NetDoll

Barbie History (fan-type history, mostly when various dolls were released)

Barbie: The Image of Us All (1995 undergraduate paper about Barbie's cultural history)

Barbies-compare prices (

Mattel, Inc. (Barbie and Ken sex animation)

Barbie Toys (complete line of Barbie electronics online)

Spatula Jackson's Barbies (pictures of Barbie as various countercultural images).

Suicide bomber Barbie (Barbie with explosives strapped to waist)

Barbie Party supplies

Barbie! (fan site)

Barbies (Barbie dressed and painted as countercultural images)

Barbie and her accessories online

The Distorted Barbie