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This is the proper place to experiment with this wiki.

Please feel free to add or delete contents from this page.



Derivatives: Essays, Critiques, Comments, ...

Comments on paragraph 12/7

Table 2.1

Table 3.1

Table 6.1

Table 8.1

Table 9.1

Table 9.2

Table 11.1 File:Example.jpgFile:Example.jpg

Visual editor: bold, italic, IntLink, ExtLink, Levl2Head, EmbImage, MediaLink, Math, NoWiki, Signature, HorLine

Sintax is given by application on empty region, then applying NoWiki on the whole lot:

'''Bold text''' ''Italic text'' [[Link title]] [ link title] [[Image:Example.jpg]] [[Media:Example.ogg]] <math>Insert formula here</math>

Some examples:

IntLink: Table 11.1

Normal running text turned into link:

ExtLink: Portal WoN na Incubadora


Level 2 Heading

EmbImage: External images can not be uploaded on this wiki, I do not know where the internal images are (book cover, for instance)


--Imres 02:05, 28 April 2007 (PDT)



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