Thinking about Digital Natives

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Let's talk some more about the idea of "Digital Natives." Who is included in this category and who is excluded? What practices of digital natives are we most interested in understanding?

We're going to try to schedule this meetup as a 'food for thought' lunch on Thursday 7/26.

Attending (not a firm commitment)

  • Becky Herr Stephenson
  • Jaz Choi (with firm interests ;) )
  • Fred Stutzman
  • Monica Barbovschi
  • Ben Addom
  • Karoline Lukaschek
  • Alla Zollers
  • Ralph Lengler
  • Chintan Vaishnav

stuff we'd like to talk about...(please add to this list)

  • creating a shared bibliography/resource list
  • opportunities for collaboration