The Legacy of Lessig

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Tuesday 24th July, 4.30PM

Quite a few people (faculty presenters and student participants) have mentioned or alluded to Lawrence Lessig's work, whether the general theoretical and analytical material in Code, the copyright advocacy in The Future of Ideas, or other elements of his ouevre. Given his recent announcement of a change of focus away from intellectual property, now may be a good time to take a look at his 'legacy'.

So the idea here is to get together and chat in the Berkman Center - informally, with coffee/drinks if possible - about Lessig's books, papers and presentations, how we would summarise his contribution to cyberlaw, Internet studies, IP policy and more, what we agreed with and disagreed with, and other topics of interest. If you have all the books on your shelf, or are just familiar with his basic arguments, you are most welcome to join us. OII and Berkman faculty and fellows, please do join us and share your views.

Thanks to the Berkman Center, we will have the use of the Conference Room in the Center (23 Everett) - before the poker night! Berkman Center founder Charles Nesson will be joining us, as will a few other Berkman Fellows. All are welcome - but to give an idea of numbers, it would be appreciated if you could sign up below.

We have invited all Berkman Fellows and SDP participants and faculty to come along :-)

Who's coming?

  1. Daithí Mac Síthigh (off-wiki questions/ideas welcome at macsithd AT tcd DOT ie):
  2. Rachel Cobcroft (I may remix it ;)
  3. Lorraine Kisselburgh
  4. Joris van Hoboken
  5. Ismael Peña-López
  6. Maria Gomez
  7. Peter Ryan
  8. Sampsung X. Shi
  9. Karen Mc Cullagh