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Digital Natives

  1. Ismael Peña-López
  2. Karen Mc Cullagh

The Future of the Net

  1. Chintan Vaishnav
  2. Ralph Lengler


Internet Filtering

  1. Daithí Mac Síthigh
  2. Joris van Hoboken

Information Technology and the Fragmentation of American Campaigns

  1. Erica Johnson
  2. insert name


Old Media, New Media: Citizens, Journalism, and the Net

  1. Serena Carpenter
  2. Aaron Veenstra

Attentive Clusters and Info Bundles: Online Discourse Networks in the Blogosphere

  1. Fred Stutzman
  2. Karina Alexanyan


  1. Daisy Pignetti
  2. Mena, Ning Wang


The Tools of Government in the Digital Age

  1. Joseph Wafula
  2. Peter Ryan

Privacy, Anonymity, Identity

  1. Lorraine Kisselburgh (morning session)
  2. Michael Zimmer (afternoon session)


Obama Girl Confronts the Future

  1. Veronica Alfaro
  2. Alla Zollers

2010: The Future of Copyright

  1. Joris van Hoboken
  2. Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi


Making the Tragedy of the Commons into a Comedy

  1. Maria Gomez Rodriguez
  2. Bodó Balázs

'Being There Together' in Shared Virtual Environments and Multiple Modalities of Online Connectedness

  1. Julia Ahrens
  2. Veronica Alfaro


Democracy, Reconciliation, and Technology

  1. Adam Fiser
  2. Seok-Jin Eom

Designing for Place-Based Social Interaction of Urban Residents in Mexico, South Africa, and Australia

  1. Ben Addom
  2. Jaz Choi


Getting Others to Innovative for You: Perspectives on an Emerging Paradigm of Distributed Innovation

  1. Cuihua (Cindy) Shen
  2. insert name

IP Incentives for Innovation

  1. Ben Peters
  2. insert name


Peer Production - Wikipedia

  1. Monica Barbovschi
  2. Becky Herr Stephenson

Noank Media

  1. Karoline Lukaschek
  2. Rachel Cobcroft