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Please add yourself, and your blog/webpage etc. We might wish to consider linking to each other too, or subscribing to feeds?

Welcome to Boston! Can everyone update this page with email addresses/IM info, please?

  • Benjamin Addom:
Research interests: Knowledge sharing between developed and developing nations,distributed collaboration, community knowledge infrastructure, community networks all within Community Informatics and ICT4D
  • Julia Ahrens:
Research interests: Media/communication, gender & net use, copyright
  • Veronica Alfaro:
Research interests: Sociology, social movements, comm. technologies, politics, civil society, virtual ethnographies
  • Monica Barbovschi:
Research interests: Sociology, public space, media structures, mobile journalism, individuals & civil society, youth&Internet
Research interests: Communications, piracy, copyright, file-sharing, culture
Email: bodo (at) mokk (dot) bme (dot) hu
Skype: bodobalazs
  • Serena Carpenter:
Research interests: Citizen journalism, blogs, journalism, social networks
Research interests: play, culture, creativity, technology, mobility, youth, Asia, and urban design
Research interests: FLOSS: Copyright and the Creative Commons, user-led creativity, convergence, community
Skype: felixfortytwo
  • Seok-Jin Eom:
Research interests: Public Administration, e-government, IT infrastructure
Research interests: Community Informatics/ICT4D, First Nations, telecom policy for high cost service areas, broadband...
  • Karina Alexanyan Fitch:
Research interests: Communication, global communications & tech, international development, culture, ID
Research interests: blogs, politics (focus on American politics), democracy, media, journalism, elections
AIM: erika1481
  • Lorraine Kisselburgh:
Research interests: Media, technology, society; privacy, data mining, geolocation, security, public access; social networks/ing; communities; gender; digital media and learning
AIM: lorrainekiss
Research interests: Visual Media, e-literacy, visual communication & rhetorics, data mining, co-creational web-technology,
Research interests: Role playing and theatrality on the internet, internet communities, virtual communities, knowledge, language
Email: Karoline.Lukaschek(at)
  • Daithí Mac Síthigh: blog
Research interests: media regulation, development of international law, communications theory
Google Talk:
  • Karen McCullagh:
Research interests:Privacy, sensitivity of data, blogs
Research interests: e-Readiness, Digital Divide, ICT4D, Open Access / A2K / Open Science
  • Ben Peters:
Research interests: Communications, copyright and piracy, ICTs, history and new media, globalization and cultures of property. Email:,
Research interests: place blogs, narrative and autoethnographic research methods, citizen media and communication during times of crisis
Email/Google Talk: phdaisy *at* gmail *dot* com
  • Maria Gomez Rodriguez:
Research interests: Law, regulation, innovation, access to knowledge, antitrust, net neutrality
  • Peter Ryan: blog and my dissertation research survey
Research interests: code mapping, content analysis, the cultural impact of digital code, ICTs in post-secondary education, narrative networks, new media tools research and development, and politics on-line
  • Cuihua (Cindy) Shen:
Research interests: online social networks, digital innovation and production, virtual organizing.
email: shencuihua at gmail dot com
MSN: shencuihua at hotmail dot com
skype: shencuihua
Research interests: Copyright & Information Law, Internet Content Policy, Creativity & Culture, New Media & Democracy
  • Becky Herr Stephenson:
Research interests: "digital kids" (role of media and technology in childhood and adolescence in the 21st century), youth media production, learning with digital media, critical media literacy
AIM: accbhs
Skype: becky.acc
Research interests: Online social network sites, social technologies, technology adoption, identity production and management
AIM: chimprawk
Research interests: socio-technical systems; information technology, economics and society; methods for observing, modeling, measuring and analyzing complex, socio-technical systems; technology and socio-economic development.
Research interests: Information law, search engines, freedom of expression, privacy, legal theory, public interest, role of government.
contact: vanhoboken at ivir dot nl
Research interests: blogs, political communication, new media, media cognition, learning from the media, survey methodology
Research interests: ICT Policy and strategies, e-governance, focus on Africa
  • Mena Ning Wang:
Research interests: Internet use and social perceptions, opinion formation and expression in CMC, impression management in CMC
Research interests: Web search engines, access to knowledge, values in technology design, privacy & surveillance theory, STS, information interfaces
Research interests: Social tagging, social software, social networks, critical cultural studies, copyright/ip, trust
Email: alla (dot) zollers (at) ucla (dot) edu