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In my political blog reader research, I've had a lot of trouble finding relevant literature since it's just not out there yet, and have had to get creative in finding other ways to build a theoretical rationale and support my hypotheses. I suspect this is an issue that others are dealing with as well, as we break new ground in studying new concepts and jumping into new areas as Internet technology and its usage changes. Is there any interest in getting a group together next week to talk about the strategy of introducing new ideas without making unsupported claims or suppositions?

Peter Ryan's Additional Uncharted Theory Topics (with Aaron's approval -- thanks Aaron!): Social Networking, Research Tools for Social Networking, Ethnography?

July 26, 11:45 - place TBA


  1. Aaron Veenstra
  2. Erica Johnson
  3. Peter Ryan
  4. Ismael Peña-López
  5. Rachel Cobcroft
  6. Veronica Alfaro
  7. Daithí Mac Síthigh

Possible suggestion from Peter: maybe people could come with specific issues in uncharted theory, and we can go around the table with questions each of us has about a certain area. Aaron, you get dibs on opening the session, of course! Maybe this can be a brain trust working session? For example, we can all help Aaron try to track down literature on his blog reader research, and move through each person's specific areas of interest.