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Planning for a possible meetup in NYC after SDP (sometime between July 28-August 3). Please list your name, when available, and where (generally) you'll be staying in the city.


  • Jaz: Monday - Sunday (near Inwood Hill and Isham Park)
  • Ismael: Wednesday, part of Thursday
  • Michael: Sunday, Monday (with my son), Thursday, or Friday. I'm in Park Slope, Brooklyn, but can head into Manhattan without hesitation.
  • Rachel: Monday - Wednesday (leaving @ 2pm). I'm in Soho :)
  • Ben P: Sunday - Monday. c. 347-426-8236
  • Monica - Saturday, July 28
  • Sampsung: Sunday-Wednesday (I'll be in Manhattan.)
  • Peter R: Monday-Friday morning (I'll be easily mobile, and I'm staying in Hoboken). My better half will be with me too :-) Oh, and I think John Kelly might be interested in meeting up too. I was supposed to contact him when I got to New York, but perhaps we should invite him to this larger meeting instead?
  • Joris: Sunday and Monday morning. I'd love a Sunday afternoon coffee or tea with who could make that. +31618878841
  • Karina - anytime...jus lemme know...
  • Ralph: Thursday afternoon, Friday evening and Saturday

Method of Transport

For those heading to the Big Apple, please recommend your preferred method of transport for those of us who have yet to make bookings. Thanks!