Food for Thought Lunches

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In order to foster the spirit of collaboration that Colin and Marcus talked about - we're organizing food for thought lunches for Thursday afternoon (since we've got a long lunch scheduled).

Please choose one group by 10:00 AM on Thursday, 7/26. See Marcus' map at (or click on the links below) for directions and more information. (PS: Google Map' directions tool assumes you are in a car, obviously you can ignore one-way streets when you walk ;-)

FFT Lunch #1

  • Topic: Thinking about Digital Natives
  1. Karoline Lukaschek
  2. Becky
  3. Daisy
  4. Jaz
  5. Monica
  6. Lorraine
  7. Karen

FFT Lunch #2

  • Topic: Conceptualizing Editorial Control
  • Location: Tanjore (Indian)
    • 18 Eliot St.
    • 617-868-1900
  • Students:
  1. Alla
  2. Joris

FFT Lunch #3

  • Topic: Navigating Unchartered Theory
  • Location: Border Cafe (Tex Mex)
    • 32 Church Street Cambridge
    • 617-864-6100
  • Students:


FFT Lunch Idea

Topic: Let's Play!

Description: Think about ways in which people utilize technologies/systems/sites for purposes other than their intended design.

Questions to Consider: Why do people do this? What examples of play have you witnessed? Should we design systems to be flexible enough to allow play, why or why not? What kind of tensions arise from people wanting to play and re-purpose the technology and the designers/system administrators?

And something about the disobedience and the (troubling) value of breaking rules?

  • Alla Zollers
  • Rachel Cobcroft