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These are questions to consider, which we'll ask you to answer in paper form tomorrow (Friday)

Academic Program – General

  • How has this program affected your dissertation or the direction of your research?
  • What aspects of the program did you find most intellectually stimulating?
  • How do you intend to keep in touch with or collaborate with members of the SDP group? Please suggest ways that Berkman/OII can facilitate this process—listserve, wiki, group follow-ups?
  • Are there other tools/resources/activities that you would recommend integrating into next year’s program?
  • Every year, we receive comments that indicate that one of the most enjoyable parts of the program is the time in which students engage, discuss, and socialize among each other. Please suggest ways we can better facilitate interaction, connection and collaboration?
  • What are the biggest questions and most innovative ideas that you take away from this year's program?
  • How did you find the off-theme meta commentary; are there additional topics you would have liked to include?
  • Our goal is to spread the word about the application process very widely by getting word to a broader set of graduate students in our field. How did you hear about the program? How can we increase the reach of this program? Could you help us next year?
  • What were your favorite parts of the social program and why? In what ways could we improve the social program for next year?

Academic Program – Student Research Seminars

  • How helpful was the opportunity to present your research?
  • How might we improve the Student Research Seminars next year?
  • How useful is it to receive feedback from assigned faculty members?
  • What type of comments were most helpful to you? (Substantive? Methodological? From your discipline or others?)

Academic Program – Faculty Seminars

  • Which sessions did you find most interesting and why? In what ways could we have improved the faculty sessions? (See here for the schedule, if you need to refresh your memory)
  • Whom should we invite to present at the SDP next year (whether academic, entrepreneur, policymaker, technologist, creator, etc.)?
  • How did you feel about the balance and distribution of subjects, disciplines and approaches?
  • Did you have all the information and materials that you needed to successfully navigate and participate in these sessions? Are there ways that this could have been improved upon (in addition to sharing the materials earlier)?
  • Did you have sufficient opportunity to interact with the speaker? Please suggest ways faculty can make their seminars more engaging.