Conceptualizing editorial control in the context of web 2.0

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A big question relating to Web media and especially web 2.0 is the qualification of editorial 'control'. I was thinking that that could be an interesting subject that we could discuss together and I actually think I could learn a lot from many of you here about this. Here are some short thoughts:

Editorial control of a specific platform is distributed over producers (the construction of the piece of content), viewers (klicks, tags), and the partciluar platform (architeture, ranking, featuring)

By tagging prosumers can actually create a new type of broadcast channels.

Different spheres of organizing knowledge and content used to have different editorial traditions. With a clash on platforms that cross the boundaries, are we seeing convergence in editorial control?

Anyone interested? I will ask around if we can have a guest.


  1. Joris van Hoboken
  2. Alla Zollers
  3. Cindy Shen (Can I sign up for more than one session?) JvH: The same time? Of course, but please come to ours with your best half! ;-)
  4. Rachel Cobcroft
  5. Joseph Wafula