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UPDATE: Harvard Law School unanimously passed an open access motion on May 7. Here is the motion, the law school announcement, and the Berkman Center announcement.

Welcome to the Open Access for HLS Wiki

The purpose of this site is to provide information and facilitate discussion about a possible future proposal for Open Access to Scholarly Articles at Harvard Law School. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has passed such a motion, and there have been discussions of the law school adopting a similar policy. This site will allow professors, students, and other members of the HLS community to learn about and discuss the proposal. For purposes of this site, we are assuming that a future HLS motion will be substantively similar to the FAS motion.

The Motion Explained

This section contains information on the motion adopted at FAS.

News Coverage of the FAS Motion

A collection of recent news stories.

Questions and Criticisms


A section to discuss the proposal and post thoughts, opinions, etc.

At present wiki accounts can not be publicly created. If you are a member of the Harvard University community would like an account please email and we will get one to you promptly.

Other Open Access Proposals