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No government resources are online.

There is no awareness of online government, and all dealings between government and citizens or businesses are in person or paper-based. There is limited information available by phone.

A few governmental websites exist, providing basic information, often directed at parties outside of the community. This information i static and infrequently updated.

Some limited interaction with the government is possible by telephone or fax.

The government distributes some information about services, procedures, rights and responsibilities in hard copy.

Some governmental agencies post key information on websites, including directories of services, hours of operation, and downloadable forms. Information is often not kept current and relevant. Transactions take place primarily in person, by fax or by telephone, though electronic mail may expedite the process.

The government manages relationships with some contractors and suppliers online or with other electronic mediation.

All governmental agencies post key information on websites and some have incorporated the Web into their strategy for interaction with the public.

Interactive government websites allow the public to conduct transactions (e.g. apply for permits, pay taxes) online.

Much government procurement and many interactions with suppliers take place online or with other electronic mediation.

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