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Overview Paper

News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age

Ten years since the word "blog" was coined, we evaluate the state of participatory media, assess its potential for serving the public interest and describe likely interventions.

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International News: Bringing about the Golden Age

Ethan Zuckerman considers whether participatory media can help bring Americans the information they need to be true global citizens.

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Principles for a New Media Literacy

Dan Gillmor asserts that the public needs to learn the skills of journalists, especially skepticism.

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Public Broadcasting and Public Affairs: Opportunities and challenges for public broadcasting’s role in provisioning the public with news and public affair

Pat Aufderheide and Jessica Clark describe the complex system of U.S. public broadcasting, the many exciting experiments that are underway and the barriers to creating a truly public media.

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Digital Media, Democracy and Diversity: an Imperfect Discourse

Ernest Wilson III submits that our democracy is at risk if we do not get people from many different media silos to work together.

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Pride of Place: Mainstream Media and the Networked Public Sphere

John Kelly, using network analysis, demonstrates the pivotal role that institutional journalism plays in the blogosphere.

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Editors — the best is yet to come?

Tom Stites explains why networked digital journalism needs editors more than ever.

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A Typology for Media Organizations

The Media Re:public project describes a schema for categorizing media structures both traditional and new.

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Case studies

iReport: Participatory Media Joins a Global News Brand

CNN’s popular iReport serves many functions within the network

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The Gothamist Network: Gateway to Local News?

A low-budget commercial success, the Gothamist and its network of sites serve young urban audiences who contribute content about their cities.

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The Forum, Deerfield, NH: Seeking Sustainability in Hyperlocal Journalism

Serving a rural audience that was previously ignored by mainstream media, the non-profit community news site the Forum seeks to maintain quality while remaining a low-cost open volunteer publication.

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The Chi-Town Daily News: Creating a New Supply of Local News

The Chi-Town Daily News strives to get volunteer journalists to learn and practice traditional journalism, covering stories about community life and local governance that are being ignored.

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