We have provided two versions of our primary data sets: one in Excel (generated in Excel 2003), which includes both country-level metrics and the pricing data set, and CSV files of each of those.

The Excel file includes "roll up" sheets which allow the user to generate the rankings we created in Chapter 3 of the report, as well as additional information on where to find the source for each field. That source information is reproduced below.

In the benchmarking chapter (3) of Next Generation Connectivity, we set out three different areas of metrics to focus on: penetration, speed, and price. Here, we've included the raw data that went into each of those rankings in the "Penetration Speed Price Metrics by Country" file. We have also included some other factors that may not have been included in our overall weighting (like urbanicity). There are some graphs in the report whose data was taken directly from the source with no analysis run on it. Many of these data sources are not reproduced here.

Please see the OECD broadband portal for the sources of each of the following fields.

  • Penetration per 100 OECD, 2008 - Q4 2008
  • Penetration per 100 OECD, 2007 - Q4, 2007
  • Household penetration, OECD – 2007
  • 2G and 3G penetration per 100
  • Maximum speed OECD (kbps)
  • Average speed OECD (kbps)
  • Price low speed, OECD original
  • Price mid speed, OECD original
  • Price high speed, OECD original
  • Price very high speed, OECD original

The following fields were sourced from TeleGeography GlobalComms Database, copyright 2009 by PriMetrica, Inc.

  • Penetration per 100 GC
  • 3G penetration per
  • Growth in 3G penetration
  • Price low speed, GC
  • Price mid speed, GC
  • Price high speed, GC
  • Price very high speed, GC

All of the following were generated from a data set shared with us from consisting of ~40 million data points. The Berkman Center crunched this data into its current form.

  • Average download (kbps)
  • Standard deviation download,
  • Average upload (kbps)
  • Standard deviation upload,
  • Average latency
  • Standard deviation latency,
  • Median download, (kbps)
  • Median upload, (kbps)
  • Median latency,
  • 90p. Download, (kbps)
  • 90p. Upload, (kbps)
  • 10p. Latency,

All of the following are from Point Topic’s stand alone data set, accessed in Nov 2009, which includes data collected during Q2 and Q3 2009. Note: for providers that only offer bundled broadband, we manually added these offers to this set.

  • Prices for low speeds, PT
  • Prices for mid speeds, PT
  • Prices for high speeds, PT
  • Prices for low speeds, PT

The following fields were taken from various sources, listed with each field.