This offering is not a Harvard Law School course.  Therefore, do not direct inquiries to the Harvard Law School Registrar's office; they will not be able to assist you.

Please send technical questions to

Questions regarding the lecture and discussion series in general should be directed to

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We will try to respond to your questions within twenty-four hours.  The Berkman Center is presenting these series to the Internet public as a forum for learning and discussion. As part of our own research in cyberspace, we are experimenting with software for online communication and will be trying various forms of interaction throughout the series. Please bear in mind the experimental nature of this offering, especially in the early weeks.

Copyright:  Although the documents located on our site are protected by copyright law, we encourage you to make use of them in a variety of  ways.  Specifically, feel free to download the materials that we ourselves have created.  You are also welcome to use our materials for teaching or other purposes.  However, please give us credit if you do so.  If you modify our materials, please preserve a link to our site so that subsequent viewers can access the original versions.  Finally, if you link to our materials, please preserve the frames that we have created and do not impose additional frames on our page.  Thank you.

Feedback and Suggestions

At the end of the lecture and discussion series, we will ask all participants to complete a formal evaluation of its contents. In the meantime, however, we would welcome your comments. If you have any ideas concerning how the substance or pedagogy of the series could be improved please send your comments to

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