Wrap-up Day 1

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Doc sez – time to share or summarize…

We uncharacteristically had some B-I-G sessions.

Jim Morris – I’m extremely impressed with the knowledge in this room. We did talk about things with each other that reflected a lot of really new stuff, but in generally we knew our stuff.

E.g. there’s a level of practice on using the Internet was impressive.

Impressed that the VRM ideal is becoming more and more real.. And that is implementing a systeem that helps ecommerce be created better

Sean – it creates a level playing field

So there is a book Rightside Up that was written in 2000 and foresaw this.

There’s a level of maturity with the architecture that made it seem extremely real.

William – We need to have a more inter-disciplinary dialogue to bring out the challenges. This is the sort of “easy” conversation. But this is just giving barely an inkling of how complex and confusing the conversations are going to be to bring all this about in the world at large.

Sean – compared to where we were last year

Glad to see that “adoption” was the last word, speaking as a marketing scumbag.

Craig… Impressed that Joe announced a product. Joe says that it is imminent.

Doc announced that a grant from the foundation is going to come through for ListenLog and PayChoice.

$50K so Doc can hire interns.

Bo-Now I know what Doc actually does. Acronyms are irksome, but I feel like this should already be. So it’s axiomatic that it will occur, just need to determine how.

GetSatisfaction is very similar to this idea. What’s interesting today, at the workshop is that how much of the theoretical, academic work can help extend our ideas as well as other companies doing this sort of stuff. There’s learning, captive audiences and others that will benefit from the personal data stores.

We also saw a very nice shift, and things are less confrontational. Our language has evolved. We’ve become more accurate and more flexible in how we talk about these things.

The community collective “yes” that the PDS is an important element to all this stuff. Look it’s really clear. If we can capture it in a document – A White Paper on the PDS - I’d point it out to so many people. Spending money on that would be a good idea.

Finding edge cases that aren’t VRM yet but are getting there need to be pointed out. Prosper, ETSY etc.

Question from Doc… I’m interested in verticals, so I’d like to ask Mike from Healthcare and I’m wondering if you feel optimistic

A: Yes I’m feeling optimistic. The language is getting clearer. The opportunity is getting more apparent. We’re seeing some monetization opportunities. Plus I learned a lot from the group. So the next gen of PMRs will have all this to incorporate into their solutions.

Q: were there too many acronyms? Answer, “yes”. But per Kaliya, it’s a way of sharing language. We’ve created the language so that we understand ourselves and now we need to open it up to other.

Judi Where’s that lexicon… There is a glossary with now definition.

Paul says, I didn’t have much problem with the jargon.

It would help to have a set of readings before the next meeting.

Larry – I would like to collect a nugget from each of you. So I don’t have to do the writing.

Craig says, now the challenge is to make it stick. You have to get it down on paper.

Write it down, argue about it. And that’s how we get out of the neutral position. That’s how we make it real. Get all that stuff on the Wiki and get it refined. Then he looked at Doc….

We have to argue through “the fourth party” example. Drummond found it a great organizing principle. “There’s dynamite there”

It fits into the larger lexicon of the English language. It’s like the piece of the jigsaw that connects to the rest.

Craig adds.. Be really rigorous in that each word has significance and weight.

Drummond – Deep Rigor around three words (Personal Data Store) and that deep rigor will cry out for more.

Q from Kaliya – What should we talk about tomorrow.

Two things – get some closure on the Identity Discussion

Also get closure on the Fourth Party discussion.

Dean- We want to hear thoughts on marketing and especially marketing to the enterprise. Especially your perceptions on how the enterprise will perceive this.

Drummond things Fourth Party will be of tremendous importance to the enterprise.Figure out how to use it in the enterprise message.

Aug 11, there will be a community day at the Moscone before Open Source World. We’re talking about a VRM track there. People want it.

Could be a Launch there. TechCrunch 50 might be a good launch as well.

Another volunteer for working on the terminology – from Symbian foundation.

From Doc – re ListenLog…. Also want to talk about emancipay or PayChoice.

Finally – need Iain to talk about Volunteered Personal Information.