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Workshop Session Notes

Healthcare and Give me my damn data

Adrian Gropper, Dean Landsman, Charles Andres, Robin , Bob Wayland, Robin Lubbock

Do we want VRM to have an intermediate victory (feds, service provider, ) options: A. Give me my damn data B. What does it legally or socially mean (privacy, TOS, laws) to say GMMDD

VRM Aggregator Identity Management (who's authorize) Protocols (how are you going to take the data and move it?) Security Financial incentives (sponsorship) Certification

Rel button came and went Privacy importance Collaboration or open networking?

Twitter (closed API) Identica (open API)

Closed: (proprietary, limited subscribers)

Point: if the structure existed, VRM would emerge as a bi-product

maybe generate the data first and VRM emerges

VRM is context sensitive. One of the reasons it is difficult to describe what is and is not

80/20 rule works against the interest of people (ref: healthcare) -- 20% spend all the money.

What is the data? Who owns it? 2 defs: - give me data that you would share with anyone (partner = me) - give me everything and after that I might tell you to delete all information. In other words, it's up to me to decide what information you can keep regardless of whether it's erroneous or not. There's no reason for you to keep my information going forward once I have a copy except as required by law to protect yourself) (but doctors are required by law to hold on to everything, but you can limit access going forward (outside a court order).

laws of data access in medical

RE: Experian -- law says you have to provide credit reports to users Give it to me in a convenient form.

Re: for patient, proactively share it with whom I please now: sharing data within medical community is free, outside, there is often a cost.

Electronic exchange accept my electronic identity don't have to explain why

ID (name) backed by trusted IdProvider where to send the data (and what data to send) format follows standard

Eprescribing: removes the patient as an intermediary choosing their pharmacy. I want it sent to CVS.... etc. restricts where the prescription is sent. no comparison shopping or