September 16 2008 Conference Call

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Topic: R-button working meeting


  • Keith Hopper
  • Drummond
  • Doc Searls
  • Joe Andrieu
  • Britt Blaser
  • Chris Carfi
  • Dean Landsman

Action Items

  • Dean will send doc dial-in info for tomorrow's VRM bi-weekly; doc (or designee) will host - event is on
  • Britt + keith to discuss public radio app
  • Chris will discuss with Margaret a schedule change for public media barcamp and try to confirm a back up to IIW weekend (nov 14-15)
  • Doc wants a landing page and VRM logo by Oct 14
  • Keith and Doc to work out Oct 17 invite list and send invites
  • All: what do we want to try and show on Oct 17th? Let's discuss in email
  • Dean and Sean and crew to meet, discuss what might be done for Oct 17th meeting
  • Use discussion page on r-button for discussion, thoughts, ideas, questions
  • Update format and content for R-button Functional Specification page

Agenda notes, questions, comments

  • Bi-weekly VRM call
  • October meetings update
    • Standards committee meeting 15, 16 day 1:PAM+r-button; day 2:implementation day focused on r-button
    • Public Media on 17th
      • Something in state by 14th
  • Meetings at Digital ID world - r-button and r-card discussion
    • drummond will help align work; be conduit between both efforts
    • r-button can work with or without r-cards; late binding is preference
  • Any progress to report on r-button page & r-button specification page?
    • Noun for both sides being red - discussion on "conversation state"
  • Discussion about P2P vs. distributed architectures and the need for standards
    • standards need to avoid IPR up front
    • adoption of standards are driven by market
    • service portability is paramount
    • Keith thinks pure P2P is an interesting architecture to explore, but may be out on a limb with this one
  • Chris - any more about Public Media Barcamp
    • Meeting with Margaret - hopes to change date to align with IIW (see above)
  • Sean - marketing/messaging update
    • (pending meeting)
  • Pandora update
    • VRM could help music lovers and music makers relate
    • interested but will meet up with us downstream