September 02 2008 Conference Call

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Topic: Relbutton working meeting


  • khopper
  • dsearls
  • ccarfi
  • dlandsman
  • dreed
  • ihenderson

Action Items

  • Agree to meet for a couple hours (Tuesday?) at Digital ID world to whiteboard Relbutton states and behavior as the beginnings of a relbutton spec
  • Keith to create a functional spec stub
  • Sean, Dean, Chris and other marketing folk to update us on efforts surrounding clarification and messaging around relbutton and VRM, ala the "Tim Berners Lee description of the web circa 1990" - potentially to include something like Common Craft's use of online narratives

Other notes, questions, comments

  • Good stuff going on with Phil Windley - a related relbutton CRM/VRM effort making progress
  • Important but difficult attribute of relbutton is that it must be something that the user controls; they can assert/control/have autonomy over; not to be confused with data ownership
  • Some reasons for a functional spec
    • Determine if Relationship cards be used to implement the relbutton
    • Determine what might we build and what areas should we leave alone
    • Determine what are the complexities and how might we smooth them out
  • Public radio app should not "lay tracks in the snow"
  • Functional spec to contain:
    • universal characteristics / attributes (requirements)
    • states that relbutton can be in
    • descriptions of standard behavior (this happens then this happens)
    • user/vendor expectations as to what the relbutton can and should do
    • affordances
    • use cases
  • IPR - how do we deal with it w/ functional spec without holding us back? Be explicit about ownership up front if possible