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VRM Scenarios (source)

There are many different implementations of scenario planning; the one here is a modified version of the one described here and originally pioneered by Peter Schwartz at GBN.

So, the two big questions:

Q1: Who controls the interactions between vendor and customer?
Q2: Are the interactions focused on transactions or relationships?

This gives us a universe as follows:

It's important to note that the object of this exercise is most emphatically NOT to "predict" which of these four areas will "win." Instead, it's to draw a vivid caricature of each world, and determine its key traits. Doing this allows us to better plan for, and recognize, instances of that particular scenario when we run across it in the future.

Discussions for the four quadrants

Minority Report
The Global Village
The Matrix (Blue Pill)

Hybrid scenario(s)?

The above scenarios are designed to characterize "a market". But even today there are many markets, segmented by industry (e.g. real estate vs. groceries), scale (wholesale vs. consumer), locality, price/quality bracket, and (sometimes) subcommunity. What kind of scenarios can be developed for the interplay and coevolution of disparate markets, and shifting utilization of different market types?