Notes from VRM & Public Media Workshop

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  • Barbara Appleby, NPR
  • Dean Landsman, Himself
  • Bob Frankston, Himself
  • Michael Steffon, WBUR
  • Robin Lubbock, WBUR
  • Mary McGrath, Open Source Radio
  • ?, WGBH
  • Doc Searls, Berkman Center
  • Ethan Zuckerman, Berkman Center
  • Charlie Nesson, Berkman Center
  • Danny Silverman, Berkman Center
  • Phil Jacob, StyleFeeder
  • Jake Shapiro, PRX & Berkman Center
  • Keith Hopper, Public Interactive
  • Bill Swersey, WNYC


From Doc

see cpb data for qualified stations...

2.5 million givers, 260 million dollars

target analysis, retention rates falling.

average gift going up. can mask on a gross revenue basis...

- barbara

charlie: it;s not going to be station focus... look to what's happening that's new on the Web. Build for the new more than drag along what's old.

need a programming focus

public broadcsting doesn't capitalize on its positiojn at all.

publc broadcsting shoud stand for more than giving money

brought me into a set of relationships. withing the seven laws of identity, and respoeceing and propogating thoase.

the coolest form of well-worked out and with-it...

get it to internet space, and issophisticated about how it's done....

bill swerzey...


donate code and not just dollars

bounty for fundraising...

bob f... you guys are in the antenna business.

why didn't steam become diesel...

keith... take it from the angle of the end user.


keith would like to talk about something other than radio.

bob... what's a relationship. for some it's schwag.

keith ... questions... what is the long tail of public media online.

bob--- leading distinciotn is audio vs. video.

what's the show like when it's not constrained by broadcast... ?

the idea of participatino and relationship...

how does the public broadcast?

keith... public media is a standard for bypassing commercial stuff.

public and open soure are connected...

who is doing something in tech that we can copy and lift?

keith... a new site, .. not pubforge... got to make stuff....

public media could be media about the public,.