July 23 2008 Conference Call

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Conference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, July 23, 2008


#vrm at chat.freenode.net

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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Dean Landsman
  • Doc Searls
  • Keith Hopper
  • Chris Carfi
  • Sean Bohan
  • Adriana Lukas
  • Alan Mitchell (joined late)



  1. Workshop Post-partum
  2. Next Workshop
  3. Email lists
  4. Website
  5. Observations from Iain
  6. Organizational Development

Workshop Post-partum

Seemed to go well. General consensus was to have these more often. There's a question about where and how we organize that.

Thoughts about how to organize a workshop from VRM stuff.

Some of the breakouts may need to be more

Needs to be more coming together at the end, but not necessarily the last hour. Where the groups can reconnect in more relevant ways.

Dean: A manner of how we did it was not effective in terms of having multiple tracks, right away. Would have much preferred a longer introduction of different projects. A lot of people went to projects they were already involved in, which limited the other conversations which could've benefited from their input. We were a little too stuck on the process and that didn't work to our benefit.

There are a number of areas where more people came in and more people need to join in. It could've benefited a lot more from additional input. Doc missed all of those, but heard great things about them.

Adriana: felt the space was largely negative. Not enough hallway time.

Chris: Every three months or so sounds about right. In the upfront session, in addition to the five minutes, perhaps an intentional bit of showing things. If we set up a demo hour, and advertise that now, that would actually get folks motivated to bring things to the party.

Next Face to Face Meeting


Perhaps that could be/should be a general meeting.

The standards committee also has been discussing a standards track 3 day get together in Seattle. One full day on Rel-button and PAM, followed by a day of coding.

How does this fit in with a general meeting also in October.

Chris: Relbutton seems a lot more critical time-wise, so how can we accelerate that?

Weekly call for Relbutton standard track seems to make sense.

Using existing code

Discussion about re-using existing code. We want that to be a general principle. Re-use is what we want to be able to do.

eMail issues

Dean suggested getting off Google. (General consensus). Recommended Yahoo!

Joe suggested Mailman instead of Yahoo! as that is well established and open source.

Dean wants something with some sense of familiarity and use. Joe mentions that we have had some challenges with timely support from the Berkman IT guys. Doc mentions that they had some personnel shortages [plus the Berkman @ 10 work] and hopefully that problem we can address.

Doc will look into it in the next couple of days.

Adriana suggests we might look at http://freedesktop.org .


Dean would like to table that until he can talk to Charles about how to do that.

Doc puts a stake in the ground that we have a landing page by the end of next week, with the wiki still working.

Iain's Observation

A. Workshop went well. B. Important that home page tells organizations how they can engage? C. He and Alan will be working on MyDex, their CIC

At the meeting we didn't drill into Compliance. The term "weak VRM" came up at the workshop. Intriguing definitional word-play.

Organizational Issues

Good discussion at the Steering Committee dinner Tuesday after the workshop. General consensus we need a separate organization for VRM. And in creating that, we need to address links to Berkman and "NewOrg" as being developed by Brett.

We don't yet have a way to do that. So there is a commitment to making this happen and we want to do it right, rather than rushing into it and potentially make mistakes.

Rene and Kaliya had a great conversation about how each org contributes what it does best.

Future agenda item

Face to face meetings.

Action Items

  1. List of attendees to Doc. Dean. By end of day today.
  2. Thank you note to attendees. Doc. By end of day tomorrow.
  3. Touch base with Charles re: Website landing. Dean. By Friday.
  4. Decision about regular Relbutton meeting. Doc. By end of day today.

Next Meeting