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This page is a draft proposal and will soon be replaced by a Use Case based approach. Please send any comments to [1] or to the Project VRM mailing list.


Our work is organized into Initiatives. Each Initiative is a community effort to resolve one or more related problems in vendor-customer relationships.

Initiatives begin in Initiative Brainstorming, where anyone can add or expand on current ideas for ProjectVRM. Once an idea is concrete enough to receive the blessing of the community and has gathered one or more champions, it begins the VRM Process. During that process, the champions see that each step in the process is completed thoroughly enough to advance to the next step and that the Initiative advances at an acceptable pace. Some initiatives will take longer than others. Many will spawn multiple protocols. It is the champions job to facilitate the advancement of an Initiative from a good idea to a working Protocol.

Our fist initiative, still nameless (feel free to suggest one) addresses the challenge of making it easy for listeners and viewers of public broadcasting to pay for the goods they get on the radio or over the Net. Right now only 10% of those listeners contribute to their public stations — a number that would be much higher, by all accounts, if the labor and costs (e.g. getting junk-mailed by stations) were lower.

Visit the Initiative Brainstorming page for more on ProjectVRM initiatives. If you have an idea, please post it there, or vet it with the ProjectVRM community on our mailing list. We may already be working on it.

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