August 19 2008 Conference Call

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  • CCarfi
  • DSearls
  • IHenderson
  • Khopper
  • DLandsman

Purpose of call:

  • Define what relbutton does
  • Doc: Go forward stuff / leaning towards action

Discussion Items:

  • Dean: Invite Asa
  • Iain: relbutton might be trying to do too much
    • At least 8 stages of relationship - it should represent these
  • Iain: CIC button = overlap? Should it be the relbutton?
    • Pariity project around volunteered personal information
  • Doc: Relbutton attributes:
    • Represents relationship
    • It's simple
    • Assertted by either party
    • Has two halves representing relationship and willingness
  • Keith: Background on relbutton:
    • Born from need to visualize and describe VRM
    • Got legs with donations around public media and media downloads, but not limited to it
  • How we can do relbutton on an enterprise level?
  • Is it just public media? (no)
  • Should we call it something other than relationship?
  • Should we approach an advertising agency or equivalent to help us define, brand, name, and visualize the relbutton?
    • Yes(?) but needs to be someone who really is enthusiastic about open source and "gets it"
  • Three ways to define relbutton (can be done in parallel):
  1. Design / agency market definition: new name, face(?), messaging, description
  2. Standards / use cases (ala VRM workshop)
  3. Prototype / code (build real stuff)
    1. Leveraging existing work in identity, CIC, etc.
    2. = University of Delft - Holland (Universal tip jar - what is it? How far downstream?)
    3. Prototype For apple: Put a Relbutton-like payment mechanism onto podcasts (Notlocked into; consider Nokia, other mobile platforms)
  • Doc VRM will play out in many ways - many applications
  • Action items:
    • Keith will resize relbutton source image on Relbutton Scenarios page
    • Meeting tomorrow
    • Doc and Iain will discuss Pariity projects
    • Dean will introduce in call relative to other groups, efforts