April 22 2009 Conference Call

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Conference Call Notes

Drafted by Joe Andrieu, April 22, 2009


#vrm at chat.freenode.net

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  • Joe Andrieu
  • Dean Landsman
  • Doc Searls
  • Renee Lloyd
  • Alan Mitchell
  • Charles Andres


Fourth Party v User Driven Services

Fourth Party Services can be defined as those which are acting on behalf of the user in a transaction between a user (the first party) and a vendor (the third party).

User Driven Services in contrast are based on the user as the point of origination, authority, and control for the system.

Personal datastore, for example, exists completely under the control of the user. That's a Fourth Party Service.

VRM's key case is on behalf of the individual and empowering the individual. That's specifically about Fourth Party Services.

Fourth Parties are natively acting on behalf of the user.

Doc just posted about two health care conferences. Health 2.0: user-generated healthcare. Electronic health care records. It's clear that the user should be in control of their health care information. With health care right now, in the U.S. at least, we have a situation where the business of it is entirely a second and third party operation. The individual has very little control. They aren't a point of integration for data or a point of origination for what happens with that data. With HCRM (HealthCare Relationship Management--HRM is taken), we need tools, like a personal datastore for one's own health records, are an example of a capacity that is native to the individual, that lives with the individual, even if it is hosted at Heath Vault or Google Health. Under control of the user. Patient decides how the data get shares. However, the standards about what gets shared should not be a part of Google or Microsoft.

VRM Workshop

Getting the word out. Questions about "Hey should I go to that?"

It's a workshop. If you want to just find out about VRM, read about it. But if you want to jump in and help make something, the workshop is a good place to go.

Mamo is interested in coming.

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