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Web Reference

Wired Feature: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, John Heilemann
Our collection of older news links
San Jose Mercury News trial coverage
ZDNet Trial Coverage
Slate's Dispatches from the trial
Yahoo's "Full Coverage" - Yahoo's links to news, filings, and commentary
Business Week/CourtTV trial coverage
Yahoo compilation of the latest news stories
Techweb's profiles of the key players, part of general coverage
CNNfn trial coverage
New York Times coverage of the trial's end and timeline (free registration required)


e-book: U.S. v. Microsoft, The Inside Story of the Landmark Case, by Joel Brinkley and Steve Lohr (available for online purchase)
World War 3.0 : Microsoft and Its Enemies, by Ken Auletta
Pride Before the Fall: The Trials of Bill Gates and the End of the Microsoft Era, by John Heilemann

and, of course:

U.S. Department of Justice (best viewed with Netscape Navigator)
Microsoft, (timeline) (best viewed with Internet Explorer)

Public Filings of the Parties, listed chronologically
Microsoft adds transcripts to its website

Other Materials

1. Technological Tying

John E. Daniel, Two Federal Courts Differ on Whether a Company Has the Right to Refuse to Deal with a Company, and the Rulings May Affect the FTC's case against Intel Corp.

Image Technical Services Inc. v. Eastman Kodak, 125 F.3d 1195 (9th Cir. 1997)

John C. Yates, Anthony E. Diresta, Software Support and Hardware Maintenance Practices: Tying Considerations, 8 No. 6 Computer Law. 17 (1991)

Allan J. Meese, Tying Meets the New Institutional Economics: Farewell to the Chimera of Forcing, 146 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1 (1997)

2. Network Effects

Jeffrey Church and Neil Gandal, "Network Effects, Software Provision and Standardization," Journal of Industrial Economics, vol. 40, no.1, pp.85-104 (1992)

Mark A. Lemley and David McGowan, Legal Implications of Network Economic Effects, 86 Calif. L. Rev. 479 (1998)

William E. Cohen, Competition and Foreclosure in the Context of Installed Base and Compatibility Effects, 64 Antitrust L.J. 535 (1996)

3. Tying Doctrine in General

Arthur I. Cantor, Tying, Exclusive Dealing and Franchising Issues, 1049 PLI/Corp 979 (1998)

Daniel E. Lazaroff, Reflections on Eastman Kodak Co. v. Image Technical Services, Inc.: Continued Confusion Regarding Tying Arrangements and Antitrust Jursiprudence, 69 Wash. L. Rev. 101 (1994)

4. Java

(a) Litigation against Microsoft

Q & A on Sun's Filings in U.S. District Court, May 12, 1998

U.S. District Court Judge Grants Sun Microsystems Preliminary Injunction in Java Technology Case Against Microsoft

Sun vs. Microsoft: A Case of Contract Dispute?

Look for updates at http://java.sun.com/pr.

(b) Java's Threat to Windows as an Operating System

Mark A. Lemley and David McGowan, Could Java Change Everything? The Competitive Propriety of a Proprietary Standard, 520 PLI/Pat 453 (1998)

Interview on 9/10/98, Sun's McNeely: 'Cut Over' from Windows to Java is Under Way

5. Essential Facilities Doctrine

Teague I. Donahey, Terminal Railroad Revisited: Using the Essential Facilities Doctrine to Ensure Accessibility to Internet Software Standards, 25 AIPLA Q.J. 277 (1997)

Allen Kezsbom and Alan V. Goldman, No Shortcut to Antitrust Analysis: The Twisted Journey of the "Essential Facilities" Doctrine, 1996 Colum. Bus. L. Rev. 1 (1996)

Richard S. Vermut, A Synthesis of the Intellectual Property and Antitrust Laws: A Look at Refusals to License Computer Software, 22 Colum.-VLA J.L. and Arts 27 (1997)

6. Additional Articles on the Subject

John D. Croll and Brian M. Martin, The Role of Antitrust Enforcement in Standardization in High Technology Issues, SC 71 ALI-ABA 111, 1998.

Online Exchange, Does Antitrust Law Compute? ( An Online Discussion Among five Distinguished Practitioners on How (or even if) Government Can Regulate Anticompetitive Practices in the Digital Age)

Mark A. Lemley, Antitrust and the Internet Standardization Problem, 28 Conn. L. Rev. 1041 (1996)

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