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Kevin Baughan: May 1

Head of Technical Strategy at Virgin Media.

Kevin Baughan is Head of Technical Strategy for NTL, which acquired Virgin Mobile in April 2006 (and retains the Virgin brand name) in order to create the first UK firm to provide a four-way offer of cable TV, internet access, fixed line telephony and mobile phone services.

As described on NTL website: "Kevin is an experienced telecoms professional with a proven track record of delivering commercial results for UK and European service providers. In his current role, Kevin is responsible for the evolution of the ntl Telewest network and is actively involved in the evaluation of new technologies across all aspects of its communication and entertainment portfolio.

Prior to ntl Telewest, Kevin was the co-founder of a company which carried out pioneering research into novel networking technologies for the US Air Force Research Labs. Kevin has also had a distinguished career with Nortel Networks, in both R&D and as the chief architect for its cable customers in Europe. Kevin is an honorary professor at Birmingham University where he advises the communication networks research team and holds an MBA with distinction from Imperial College."'' Kevin was named "MBA Student of the Year" in 2004!

From the Independent, 22 November 2004 (

"Kevin Baughan, who received his Student of the Year award at a gala dinner at Whitehall's historic banqueting hall, managed to combine freelance consultancy with nurturing a start-up business and completing his two-year MBA at the Tanaka Business School of Imperial College, London. According to Jeanette Purcell: "Kevin Baughan combines all the qualities we want to encourage in modern MBAs, achieving high academic grades while putting theory into practice through his entrepreneurial work."

Andrew Currah: May 22

Research Associate, OII; Lecturer, School of Geography

Project Red Stripe: May 29

Mike Seery (and possible teammates) from The Economist's Project Red Stripe

Richard Halton: June 5th

Controller - Business Strategy, BBC

Mr Halton is BBC Television's Controller of Strategy and played a major role in developing the BBC's digital TV portfolio and interactive strategy.

In March of '07, Halton announced the trial launch of BBC Radio and TV broadcasting via 3G mobile networks: [1]

Chris Sacca: June 5th

Head of Special Initiatives, Google

David Wells: June 5th

Deputy World News Editor, Financial Times

Slightly outdated bio (circa 2005?) from this site: [2]

David Wells in the Senior Wall Street Correspondent for the Financial Times. He has been with the Financial Times since 2003. In addition to his coverage of financial services companies, he also writes the newspaper's "On Wall Street" column every third Saturday and contributes to its Weekend section. Prior to the FT, he worked at Bloomberg News. From 1998 until 2001, he covered the energy industry, focusing on consolidation and the development of new technology. He started covering US stock markets and Wall Street in 2001.

Kit van Tulleken: June 12th

The van Tulleken Company