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Please enter a group name next to your chosen industry, below, and create a linked wiki page.

Presenting in Week 3 (May 8)

Artist or artist organisation

  • Shelby, Tom, Caio, Gabe, Patrick

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Record label or movie studio

  • Heidi, Chris, Megan, Selina

Technology company

  • Wolf, Marcelo, Kevin & Mark

Presenting in Week 4 (May 15)

Newspaper, magazine or book publishing

  • Brandon, Andrew, Daniel, Dexter, Ean

find our working page at

On-line aggregator - may be a search engine, content aggregator

  • Enrique, Diego, Sasha, Yu-Fu, Fernando

Presenting in Week 5 (May 22)

Television - either a channel, producer or both

  • Jeffrey, Deb, Sudheer, Ruzbeh, Subrata

For the group web page see


  • Richard, Cecile, Wayne, Dheerin, Jesse

Our group workpage is here: [1]