Jamaica: 2005


  • Internet, Rehabilitation & Reform

    Building on a rehabilitation and correctional reform movement initiated by then Commissioner of Corrections Col. John Prescod at the South Camp and Tower Street facilities in Kingston, the Berkman Center and the Criminal Justice Institute at Harvard Law School are working with the Jamaica Department of Corrections to harness the curiosity and energy of inmates, warders, correctional staff and related community, toward the goals of self respect and generosity -- quite literally leaving no one behind. We envision extending the power of distance education to the grim depths of the Jamaican prison system, collaborating with the correctional staff and prisoners themselves to perpetuate change, overcoming despair with discipline and hope.

  • Internet, Media & Development:
         The Radio Internetwork project

    The Radio Internetwork project will use a widespread and easily accessible channel of communication to share and promote future sharing of learning and experience through a new medium. Beginning in Jamaica, Professor Charles Ogletree, on behalf of the Harvard Law School Criminal Justice Institute, and Professor Charles Nesson, on behalf of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School, guided by moderator Desmond Green, will create a learning link between themselves heard by radio, and groupings of people, both face to face and online, led by group leaders who can connect through the net, thus able to feedback to us, receive direction from us, and help us share our knowledge and resources. This creates a link between radio and internet that we believe will enhance the utility and the appeal of both media. We will connect individuals and groups using Berkman tools, rotisserie and real-time polls and such other modes of interaction as we can commandeer.

    The ultimate vision for the Radio Internetwork is global, bridging the global Digital Divide between so-called developed and developing nations by establishing a networks of stations and associated internet centers in developing countries and then networking them together.