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Hope challenging despair

"The basic thing about leadership is caring."
Commissioner of Corrections, Lieutenant Colonel John Prescod

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Audio - "Tell me about it" with Christopher Lydon on radio jamaica.

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Audio - Berkman Collection from visit November 27 - December 4, 2001

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description   description
mitty ben   Dec 1. Narrative
Ogletree brief CFO of Jamaica
mtg. w/ corrections staff Nessianic Miasma
desmond in the car Jeremy, Tower St. lot
good mtg. with corrections staff entering Tower St.
desmond - earth, air, fire in the concert
hello commissioner sitting on the stage
jonas Clifton Wright, in for murder
Nov. 29, a man has escaped... hebrew speaker
reverse polarities, ganja four more years, outside
five movies, rude boy wiseman taking sound
this fuckin shit too small Walcott, eye glasses
fuckin money tree Lydon, what did we learn
shaggy, narcotic Wayne Marshall's sound
sister P story Dec. 2, Henry's Pool
sister P Sister P
on the road to moore town Col. Sterling
colonel harris Dec. 3, Miami Airport
colonel sterling Eric Wiseman's company
Bing: Port Antonio to Kingston afterthoughts
Correctional Services Meeting
Col. Prescod interview
Prescod continued
Chaplain Maddox interview
Alton Griswold interview
Aileen Stephens interview
waiting for Tree
Prescod dinner fragment
Rebecca Nesson's interviews #1 Rebecca Nesson's interviews #2


  • Envelope from the Ministry of Industry Commerce and Technology to Professor Nesson

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  • Glenn Brown's Report on the Tower Street Prison Visit
  • Letter from Dr. Jean Dixon, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry Commerce and Technology
  • Port Royal Working Document

    Reading about computers in prisons - thanks to T

    Reports on Jamaica