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Our research portfolio contains a variety of projects that contribute to our overall understanding of how ICTs can impact the economic development process:
  • Core research that illustrates the impact that ICTs can have upon economic development
  • The creation of tools that global leaders can use to help guide their decision-making.
  • Outreach in the form of seminars, workshops and (soon) teaching.
  • Policy advocacy and advice for high level policy makers in the developing world. 
  • Participation in major international forums and policy discussions to catalyze appropriate action.
  • Dissemination of our findings and work through writing in leading academic and mainstream journals and presentations in conferences and symposia. 
  • On-the-ground projects that explore the impact of ICTs on people’s lives and the economic development process.

There are a number of thematic areas of our research that you can explore through the menu bar to the left.

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