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Jay Fenello is the principal and founder of, an Atlanta based New Media Relations firm. Previously,he was the president and founder of Iperdome, Inc., and an active participatant in the establishment of Internet Governance. Jay has an MBA in Entreprenuership from the University of Arizona, and a computer engineering degree from the University of Florida.

From the Website:

In January, 1997, Jay Fenello founded a new Internet company called Iperdome, Inc.  But what started out as a typical Internet venture, soon turned into a political battle for control over the Internet.  For nearly three years, he participated in the debate over the establishment of Internet Governance. 

During that time, Jay was quoted in hundreds of news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and he appeared on Bloomberg News.  He also testified in front of Congress, and provided Internet Governance consulting to Network Solutions, Inc.

But it wasn't until the New York Times wrote an article about his role in Internet Governance, that Jay realized that he was on the cutting edge of a new industry. 

So, in September, 1999, Jay formed as a vehicle to offer the specialized services that he had pioneered through his role in the establishment of Internet Governance.





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