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David H. Crocker is a principal with Brandenburg Consulting, providing strategic planning and design for Internet products and services. He has been a core contributor in the development of internetworking capabilities for twenty-five years, first as part of the Arpanet research community and more recently in the commercial sector.

Mr. Crocker has been a leader in the development of Internet Mail. He has worked at a number of Silicon Valley companies, producing a wide range of TCP/IP, OSI, and network management products. He was a co-founder of the Internet Mail Consortium and the Internet Facsimile and Business Communications Association. Mr. Crocker's consulting practise ranges across government and private industry, including startups and venture capital firms, as well as established organizations such as SunSoft, Xerox, Bell Labs, US Air Force and NASA.

Mr. Crocker continues technical involvement in Internet standards activities for transport services, electronic mail, electronic commerce and facsimile. Last year he lived in Malaysia.

Contact information is:          Dave Crocker
Brandenburg Consulting
675 Spruce Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
phone: +1.408.246.8253
fax: +1.408.249.6205





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