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I am Bob Keyes, taking the one last class i need before I can become a degree candidate. I don't have too much father to go before i can get my BLA in cs. Well sort of - only 11 more classes!

"Technologies of Politics and Control" is a really exciting class. It touches on things that dragged me to Eugene Lang College of the New school, in NYC in 1992. I studied "Science, Technology, and Power" there before they cancelled my major and most of the interesting classes. So I dropped out.

I've been working on projects since the early days of the Internet to bring the power of datacom to the masses. Hacktivism, or whatever you call it. For the past could of years i've been heavily involved in using WiFi to create community wireless networks. It's been a bumpy ride, with the sudden rise and subsequent crash in interest in municipal Wifi Networks. I got burned in my cooperation with the city of cambridge in creating the "Cambridge Public Internet". It's amazing how bureaucrats can turn anything they touch into stone.

One of the many projects i have half-completed is a book on community wifi, municipal wifi, and what not to do in trying to build a network.

I think the Berkman Center is really exciting and I hope to work here some day.