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Due May 7

Submit your extra credit/sign up for an in-class presentation here: Extra Credit Submissions

If you are interested, you may create an audiovisual work discussing and presenting your research to date OR present your final research paper in class. The work could be an audio file (such as a podcast), a video, or an in-class presentation. You should aim for a length of 3-5 minutes (there is 7 minute maximum). Content and presentation are much more important than length (a compelling 2-minute audio interview would be great). These may be presented in class on May 14th.

Possible ideas for A/V works include:

  • An audio podcast or video interview with someone doing influential work related to your project
  • A video medley and/or remix
  • A podcast show in which participants debate the topic
  • A mindmap image that charts out a policy debate or domain
  • A photo montage
  • A short film
  • A song or musical work drawing from various samples such as those on Freesound
  • A song with lyrics
  • A data visualization

Uploading Your Extra Credit Project

You can upload your project here. If you prefer to email it directly to us you may do so.

Extra Credit Submissions