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This is a list of user profiles on this wiki. Until a consensus on policy is come to, this listing will be voluntary.

This page differs from the User List page in that this page contains only active profiles of individuals who wish to contribute to this wiki. Please add yourself by clicking on the appropriate edit button next to the letter range that corresponds to your user name.




I'm Anthony Crowe and I'm an ALM degree candidate in government. I've done a lot of work in non-profit education and I completed my ALB at Harvard Extension in 2010. I currently work in retail while taking grad classes. I attend this class online. I am looking forward to my wedding this coming fall. Although I'm very Internet-saavy, I've not spent a lot of time with wikis, so this is a learning curve for me. I recently read "Everything Is Miscellaneous" by David Weinberger which is one of the things that inspired me to take this class.


I'm Alan Davies-Gavin. I'm an ALB candidate in computer science. I've worked in the IT field for a number of years and am now returning to finish my BA. I'm originally from NH, and have lived on the west coast and Europe. I'm actually used to reading blogs for information, I'm not actually a blogger (subject to change). I do have a lot to say on the subject matter that we'll be covering and I'm also looking forward to discussions.


I am a research assistant at Microsoft Research, as well as a researcher for the Comparative Media Studies department at MIT, Microsoft Entertainment & Devices, and the Web Ecology Project. I graduated Boston University in 2009, and I am currently applying to graduate school.


I'm an ALB degree candidate at Harvard Extension School (Concentration: Humanities, Field of study: Journalism, Citation: Business/Marketing). I'm originally from Toronto, Canada. But I currently work as a public relations (PR) coordinator at an elite PR firm in Manhattan and I live in Manhattan too. I'm also an avid fashion blogger, and Twitter and Facebook user.


A former ex-patriot English teacher, I have returned to the US with the intention of perusing a degree in international law. I have a deep and abiding love for history and a strong interest in things geo-political.


I am a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the director of the Digital Media Law Project. In a past life I was assistant counsel at The Washington Post and before that was an associate at Williams & Connolly in Washington, DC, where I handled a range of intellectual property and media litigation.


I am an ALB student in Social Sciences with a focus in Government. By day, I am an SVP for Global Internet Strategy for a big bank. I live in New York and am attending online.


I work for a large financial institution in the Northeast, and will be attending class on-site and online.


My name is Guy Clinch. I create communications technology solutions solving problems for organizations across the globe. I specialize in helping government agencies use communications solutions to serve the requirements of their citizens. Should you be interested: My blog, my professional profile Looking forward to sharing a dynamic and engaging semester!



My name is Sergey, I am a recent graduate from Moscow State University. Here to get some perspective on the subject which interests me quit a lot.


My name is Jennifer Edmonds. I am a Legislative Analyst with the State of California. This is my first semester at the Harvard Extension, and although I would love to attend class in person, because of my locale, I am forced to participate asynchronously. I'm looking forward to achieving a better understanding of the government's current role in technology and the issues that will influence its future involvement.


I am an ALB candidate focusing primarily on economics and law. I took a year off from college to be a newspaper reporter in Connecticut. My dad is a fan of the Berkman Center and recommended I take this class.

Thοdoros Kolovos

I am a researcher at FoAS, producing a white paper on behalf of Next Issue Media, sponsored by Next Issue Media and Kantar. I live in New York where I consult the aforementioned companies and other media and culture sector brands.



I'm a project coordinator at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the co-director of the Technology for Transparency Network. I recently graduated from the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, where I studied the relationship between communications technologies and development.


I'm a card carrying member of the eff and the fsf and one of the inaugural viewers of zdtv. I went to the same prep school as the founder of wired magazine and personally lobbied she get a well deserved alumni award. I've attended many different colleges everywhere from st. johns college the great books school in Annapolis where I had a dsl line installed to my dorm room giving me more bandwidth then the rest of campus combined, to where I am now, the Harvard extension school where I am a alb degree candidate. Even though I'm conversant in python, html, c++, and ti-basic I'm a humanities concentrator. My favorite authors are Borges, O'brien, Doctorow(cory not e.l), Aristotle, and Lessig.


Currently, I work at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT managing annotations for computational linguistics research. I'm here at the Extension School to finish up my BLA, and this is my last semester. Of course, the internet is a large part of my life, much like many others, and I seek to better understand the beast and how it is controlled.

Chris Sura

I am an ALB candidate pursuing Computer Science as my field of study and a citation in Legal Studies. I have worked in the IT field for the past 30 years; the latter half with my current employer, a Fortune 100 insurance company. I have a good understanding of the protocols and hardware that support the infrastructure, but only rudimentary knowledge of the law.

Brian Smith

I have worked in business and competitive strategy for a major software company for the last 4 years, with a side role as a privacy manager. I studied for an MBA in finance and marketing and a BA in liberal arts. Prior experience in management consulting for 3 years and IT management for 5 years. Personal interests in technology policy and international politics.



Hello, my name is Vladimir. I am from Slovakia (It is not Slovenia:)). After finishing law school in Slovakia I applied for LL.M. degree in IT/IP Law to Leibniz University Hannover, Germany where I spent winter semester. This semester I am spending as a visiting student at University of Edinburgh, UK, where I do only IP Law.


Greetings to all students in this class, my name is also Vladimir. I am originally from Ukraine; in the U.S. have been for ten years studying economics and quantitative finance, and, using the internet, have made remarkable discoveries about the role of the U.S. government in major political turmoils and military interventions as well as its manipulative religious infrastructure that keeps the society blindly devoted to the cause. Currently, I am in search for a school in Boston area to graduate from in applied mathematics and am working on creating a non-profit organization that will be a stellar counterpart to the conservative, control-seeking, and corrupt branches of the U.S. government, a transparency level of which I am attempting to examine using the research project of this course.

Yu Ri

My name is Yu Ri Jeong and I am a pre-law major in South Korea. Currently, I am preparing for transfer to a college in the United States to better prepare myself as an intellectual property lawyer. I am particularly interested in the relation between the Internet and politics, the reason I decided to take this course at Harvard Extension School. I hope to develop a deeper understanding in paradigms of the Internet and contemporary issues related to digital technologies.