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This class is designed to be an essentially participatory endeavor. Collectively we know more than we do individually, and by engaging the subject matter interactively, we'll learn the material better. While somewhat challenging due to the distance and asynchronous participation in class, we expect students to be creative in their approach.

General requirements

  • Pre/post class discussions on the individual class pages of the wiki
  • Other contributions to the wiki

Specific requirement

  • Constructively comment/critique rough drafts generated in Assignment 2, and post it to the course wiki.

How to participate remotely

You can use Elluminate to participate during class time. You will likely need a combination headphone/microphone to participate in our virtual classroom on Elluminate (alternatively, you may use a combination microphone/speakerphone if it has echo-cancellation). You will want to check whether your computer has both an earphone and a mic jack to know which type of equipment to get. If it does NOT have both jacks, then you will need to get a USB connection; otherwise, whatever looks comfortable should work fine.

Note: When you create an account on Elluminate, please use your full name or a pseudonym that will allow us to identify who you are so we can give you credit for your class participation.

  • We suggest that you do Step 1, then do the Orientation in Step 3, then do your Audio setup in Step 2. This will ensure that you have the software, and let you practice using the audio.
  • If you run into problems, you should click the link for the "Self Help Support Portal" on the right side of the Elluminate support site - at the top of the next page is the telephone number for Technical Support. You can always go to Tech Support for any technical problems - it's staffed 24/7, though the wait times can get a bit long. Otherwise, try the Live Help button.
  • If your are participating remotely we ask that you change your audio preferences in Elluminate to enable Mute the speaker when "talk" is pressed to prevent feedback. You can find this option by going to Tools -> Preferences, and finding Speaker Settings under Audio in the left hand options tree. Please have this box checked off.

Elluminate talk Settings.jpg