Assignment 1 Submissions

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Distribution of Grades

Assignment1 distribution.png

Submission Instructions

Please make sure the name of your file includes your name (example: Name_Assignment1.doc) to avoid overwriting someone else's assignment. Grading for this assignment is on a 5-point scale; late assignments will be docked 1 point for each day they are late (final deadline: Tuesday, February 15, 5:30pm EST).

The upload file link is to the left, under toolbox. Once you've uploaded your file, please link to it following the format below:

  • Name:
  • Link to rule: (the Wikipedia editing policy you chose)
  • Link to article: (the Wikipedia article you edited)
  • Link to report: (the file you uploaded)

If you have trouble finding the file you uploaded, check the list of uploaded files.


Name: Elisha Surillo